Safes Keeping your valuables safe

Our cash and jewellery safes, which range from large free standing multi locking safes to small wall safes, are all designed to protect the contents from theft with some safes also offering the additional feature of a fire rating.

We offer a broad range of safes with the most popular manufacturers well represented. These include Churchill, Burton, SMP, Chubb, Dudley, Sentry and Securikey.

Safes are the ideal, secure solution when you need somewhere for your valuable objects to be stored and locked up to prevent theft or damage.

When you go on holiday or leave your house unoccupied for any length of time, even while you are out at work, it is wise to leave your valuable property locked away in a safe. This will give you peace of mind, and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your possessions cannot be accessed by unauthorised  persons.

Safes can be fitted by us in your house or place of business so that they are hidden away and unobtrusive, or they can be placed somewhere that is easily accessible to you and those you allow access to the safe.

Wall safes are available in different sizes and are a discreet, reliable option for general use.

The following list is a range of safes that we supply, most of which are insurance approved:

  • Wall safes

  • Free-standing safes

  • Document safes

  • Data safes

  • Fireproof safes

  • Security safes

  • Cash boxes

  • Key cabinets

  • Gun cabinets

Nearly all our safes can be supplied with key, combination or digital locking and some are available with the new fingerprint recognition system. We also offer services that include delivery, installation and floor bolting.

We have the experience and expertise to advise our customers as to which safe best suits their needs.

We welcome all enquiries and are always happy to give free advice regarding your safe over the telephone or we can provide a no obligation site survey for the supply, delivery and, where 
applicable, the installation of the safe.

Locking types and Services Available:

  • Key locking

  • Three wheel combination locking

  • Electronic digital locking

  • Fingerprint recognition locking

  • Delivery, installation and floor/wall bolting.